First Two Messengers for Peace Posted

We Salute Ambassadors for Peace, Charlize Theron and Stevie Wonder

We have begun our planned listing of Ambassadors for Peace by recognizing two United Nations recognized Messengers for Peace.

We will follow up with more as time goes on.

Our first is Stevie Wonder, followed by Charlize Theron.

Ambassador for Peace

An Ambassador for Peace

The United Nations has two major programs used to recognize people and to engage them in the work of promoting peace as well as UN endeavors in the world.  The Messengers of Peace are appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations.  Messengers are selected from outstanding individuals in the public eye who have excelled not only excelled in their fields but have demonstrated a personal commitment to working toward peace in one manner or another.

This designation is considered to be the highest honor available to an individual and involves a two year period of active support through personal appearances and other activities in support of the United Nations programs.

Charlize Theron Ambassador For Peace

Messenger for Peace Charlize Theron

While we appreciate these celebrities, we also feel it is important to recognize every day people and businesses as well.

As time goes on, we will turn our attention to local champions, who may never gain mass publicity, but who work in their own simple ways to make the world a better place.

And today and from time to time, we will also share as we are able musical celebrations of Peace.

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