Jane Goodall | Messenger for Peace

Jane Goodall | Ambassador for Peace

Valerie Jane Goodall is a celebrated environmentalist and humanitarian. She is heralded for her work as anthropologist, ethologist, and primatologist and is regarded as the world’s leading expert when it comes to chimpanzees.

She pioneered in the study of chimpanzees and spent many years living with Tanzanian chimpanzees and studying their behavior in their own habitat.  This study of the family and social relations of wild chimpanzees conducted in Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania ran for fifty five years. Among all the wildlife research projects ever conducted across the world, this trail-blazing study holds the record for being the longest-running.
Jane Goodall  shows a deep commitment to animal rights and welfare and conservation issues.  She has been a member of the board of the Nonhuman Rights Project (founded in 1996) from the very beginning.   She is recognized for championing the cause of conservation, as well as of human rights.

Jane Goodall Ambassador for Peace

Jane Goodall Messenger for Peace

She founded the Jane Goodall Institute of Wildlife Research, Education, and Conservation to care for chimpanzees and their surroundings. A non-profit institute with headquarters in Ridgefield, Connecticut, this organization further creates and supports development and conservation programmes, particularly in Africa where Jane Goodall started her landmark studies of chimpanzees in 1960. One of these programmes, the large-scale Roots and Shoots programme, provides support to the youth in about 100 countries with projects aimed at helping the environment, animals, and people.
Ms. Goodall has demonstrated a strong concern for the environment, and the damage being inflicted on it, especially in West Africa and Congo.  She devotes time to campaign for critical environmental issues.  She promotes a number of environmental charities.  Acting as an advocate for environmental concerns, she keeps an exhausting travel schedule, flying all across the world to speak in behalf of the environment, encouraging people to contribute towards making our world a better one.

She has received recognition for her noteworthy work from various organizations including the Animal Welfare Institute, the San Diego Zoological Society, the National Geographic Society, and the J. Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation, among many.  Queen Elizabeth II of England has made her a Dame of the British Empire. United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan has named her one of the organization’s Messengers of Peace, with focus on conservation and environmental issues.
She works to make people realize their great capacity for helping the environment and animals.  She talks extensively about how animals and forests can be conserved and protected, as well as how critical it is for everybody to pull their weight so that this can be achieved.   She talks about the many programmes designed specifically for fighting poverty, particularly in Africa, and how these programmes need public support.


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