Leonardo DiCaprio | Messenger for Peace

Leonardo DiCaprio | Ambassador for Peace

Leonardo DiCaprio is popular for his handsome looks.  He is an American actor and film producer lauded for the edgy characters he plays onscreen.  Not one to be boxed in, he is known for pursuing diverse and out-of-the-ordinary film projects. Critics have recognized him for his critically-acclaimed performances in a number of films belonging to diverse genres. He is considered one of the more popular and sensitive award-winning actors today, having been nominated many times for Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Leonardo DiCaprio is also known as a forthright and passionate activist and environmentalist, advocating for environmental issues and fighting for environmental causes. He put up the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1988 to help protect the environment and to facilitate a better relationship between nature and humanity. Through his foundation, and by collaborating with other environmental groups which share his vision, he has managed to raise sizeable funds and provided numerous grants for projects geared toward the continued protection and conservation of the environment.

Leonardo DiCaprio Ambassador for Peace

Leonardo DiCaprio Being Named Messenger for Peace

The foundation helps efforts to address pressing humanitarian and environmental issues that face the world today.  It works closely with environmental consultants and leaders to address critical issues – to protect biodiversity, conserve forests and oceans, and address climate change. It takes on public campaigns and multi-media projects to increase awareness for the need for involvement in protecting our planet for the next generations.

The foundation strategically partners with key environmental organizations so that the impact of its efforts is magnified. It provides grants to pioneering and results-oriented initiatives.  It also collaborates with people in the media to carry out projects geared towards inspiring and moving the public to join in the fight for a better planet. It is now supporting more than thirty conservation projects across the world and protecting key species and frail and delicate ecosystems.

Aside from his foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio is also a member of the board of other organizations with similar objectives. Among these are Oceans 5, Pristine Seas, International Fund for Animal Welfare, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the World Wildlife Fund.  He is also one of the advisors of The Solutions Project which dedicates itself to efforts to scale up the espousal of clean and renewable energy. He was awarded the esteemed Clinton Global Citizen Award in 2014 for his humanitarian work.

The United Nations has appointed Leonardo DiCaprio one of the organization’s Messengers of Peace, giving him the special focus of climate change.



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