Peace Corp Connect Conference Washington DC

Peace Corps Beyond

The Peace Corp is America’s most visible single effort to connect people in the US with the goal of attaining peace in the world today.

Peace Corps Connect is the Peace Corps community’s annual conference hosted by the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) and its affiliate groups to connect, advocate and impact. At this year’s conference – Peace Corps Beyond – we look forward to celebrating 55 years of Peace Corps and the limitless potential of our community to continue to create change. The conference will highlight work being done by our community members and partner organizations and explore how, through increased collaboration, we can continue to champion Peace Corps ideals.

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The Featured Speaker will be Liberian President & Nobel Laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a lifelong advocate for girls and women and the first woman to lead an African nation.

The event will conclude with a Walk For Peace from 9AM to 2PM beginning at the University Yard at George Washington University, past the White House and ending on Capitol Hill for speeches highlighting the impact of the Peace Corp.


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