Syria the Fulcrum of Peace or War – Current status

The Syrian Conflict The EpiCenter of War & Peace

The agony of Syria has many fathers and fighters from many lands with conflicting goals and aspirations. Allies find themselves on opposite sides in multiple instances.  At long last some glimmers of hope are emerging, but pinning down an ultimate solution is clearly going to be a massive challenge.

Syria accused of trying to disrupt peace talks

Insistence by government officials that removing President Assad is “red line” draws condemnation by US and its allies.

The US and France have accused the Syrian government of trying to disrupt the upcoming peace talks in Geneva and critcised its new conditions.

Syrian opposition negotiators have started arriving in the Swiss city in advance of the talks, which are expected to tackle the issue of President Bashar al-Assad’s presidency.

Talk to Al Jazeera: ‘No plan B for Syria’, says UN envoy Staffan de Mistura

However, the Syrian government delegation, which has already arrived in Geneva, insists that removing Assad is a “red line”.

Speaking after talks with European allies in Paris on Sunday, John Kerry, US secretary of state, said the comments were a provocation and that Russia and Iran would need to show the Syrian government was “living up to” what had been agreed.


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