Working for Peace from the Grass Roots Up

By way of introduction.

I am a Viet Nam Veteran, having served in the US Navy.

My DD 214 shows two tours and combat duty, but I had it easy compared to compatriots and friends.

Today I take solace in the phrase, “Some Gave All, All Gave Some.”

I gave some.

I had a great time while in the Navy, and hated every moment of it.

While overseas, I made a personal pledge that upon returning home I would work for Peace from the Grassroots up.

Over the course of my life, that has taken a variety of forms.

This is now a new venture. To celebrate peace and those who are working toward peace in the world.

My intent is to celebrate others. Those who have taken an active role as spokespersons and leaders on the international stage and also those who support those efforts locally here in the Upper Midwest.

We will seek sponsors from the local business community and hope to honor those who have taken a stand locally, but the overarching focus will be external. Identifying role models and spokespersons who are working to bring the message of peace to others.

I guess my name has pre-ordained this calling. It has not always been the easiest name to live up to. But here I am today, taking a stand for Peace.

In the coming weeks I will start by celebrating the official Ambassadors of Peace as designated by the United Nations.  From there only time will tell where this new venture will lead.

-Henry Peacemaker